North Texas Soaring

Soaring flight is the purest form of flight known. Few things in life match the satisfaction of climbing to cloud base, remaining aloft for five hours or more and flying several hundred miles, all without an engine.

North Texas Soaring is a not for profit sport glider club dedicated to furthering the sport of soaring. The club has been in existence since 1980 and includes members from all walks of life and all levels of flight experience. In order to keep costs low, the club is operated entirely by the club members, who donate their time to ensure the smooth operation of all the club functions. NTS is a Chapter of the Soaring Society of America.

We are based out of Decatur Municipal Airport and  fly every weekend from April 1st though November 1st. We are a club dedicated to furthering the sport of soaring and welcome all who share our interest or would like to learn in a cooperative club environment where the work and fun is shared by all.

Soaring over North Texas